The Forest Circus

Ana Tudoraș

DEM Demetrescu

"Râsete și gălăgie... / Dar deodată s-au oprit:
Ce se-aude? Ce să fie?  / Cine umblă-așa grăbit?"

The Forest Circus

About the Story

Once upon a time.

Values of the Story

A fun way to learn valuable lessons

Learning patience from animals

The natural world does not have a strict schedule, like us, instead is governed by the natural rhythms and cues of the planet. An animal is never in a rush, it takes his time to make things and knows the right moment for every action.

How to be brave !

Animals comfort upset companions, they stay together to defend themselves and are ready to fight for they part of the wild, so they have intelligence and ability to feel and understand emotions. Children will learn that animals are their friends and have to be brave to defend their rights and place in this world.